My little sister

I love my sister very much she keeps getting bigger but I’m older by a little.
My sister is doing very well in math and science she keeps complaining every day that math and science is really easy. She is really funny to I bet at school she cracks kids up! My sister is worth diamonds cause I love her very much.


My cat

My cat is cute and fuzzy.she likes my dad and mom. she can be a little
Mean at times but she’s a good. cat she sleeps a lot but she’s good at ceching mice. she is the best pet I ever hade. I love my pet cat. Love natnkat



I made a YouTube video it’s very fun. I got interested on making a video
From stampylongnose and dantdm and like amilion other people.
And you mite notice that some of my YouTube videos aren’t all minecraft.
Well I got inspired to make lalaloopsi videos for my first YouTube video
It was very fun. Also the person that inspired me was allaboutmeep.
She was very interesting to listen to. I’m so happy I made a YouTube


Fish fish

I have fish there cool they are glow fish they glow in a black light there’s pink
Fish and green fish and orange. There’s baby fish and grownup fish and
Big fish and little fish.